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Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB) is an independent, membership NGO that was set up in April 1994 as a BirdLife International partner in Ukraine.

Our goal is to prevent bird declines and extinctions, maintain species diversity in nature by conserving and protecting key ecosystems critical to birds and people, and empowering communities through conservation efforts. 

The long-terms aims of the organization are biodiversity conservation with a focus on the birds through carrying out conservation measures and dissemination information and knowledge pertaining to the life of birds, their social, economic and environmental significance as widely as possible. 

The problems affecting birds and the environment are complex and large-scale. In order for our actions to be effective and successful, we focus our efforts primarily on the protection of birds that are in the greatest danger - these are species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and the European and international red lists - as well as on the preservation of the territories and habitats of such species.

Photo: USPB
Photo: Serhiy Kantsyrenko

USPB is a non-government organization that relies on the support of its members and supporters. Membership in the organization is open to everyone. We unite conservationist`s specialists, birdwatchers, scientists and amateurs - everyone who is interested in birds and who cares about the problems of environmental protection. The management system of USPB is the Congress of members, which approves the strategy and main directions of the organization's activities. In the period between congresses, USPB is managed by a democratically elected Council; the current work is carried out by the Secretariat.